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September 2ndth, 2022

  • Time - 11:00 AM CST
  • Length - 1 hour

During this session, we will cover updates to Federal student loan policies:

  • Repayment Resumption
  • Loan Forgiveness
  • Servicer Changes
  • IDR Payment Count Revisions

The New SAVE Plan for Student Loan Repayment

The Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan replaces the existing Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) Plan. The SAVE plan is an income-driven repayment option. Borrowers earning less than $15 an hour may have loan payments as low as $0 per month. Borrowers...

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SCOTUS Decision on Student Debt Relief

SCOTUS Blocks Biden’s One-Time Student Loan Cancellation Program The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the Biden administration’s proposal to cancel student loan debt. The court ruled today on two cases: Biden v. Nebraska and The Department of Education v. Brown. In a...

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Student Loan Repayment Will Resume in September

The Senate passed legislation late Thursday to raise the debt ceiling, avoiding a government shutdown. A provision in the bill officially terminates the student loan repayment suspension period. Student loan repayment will resume sixty (60) days after June 30, 2023....

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Department of Education Testifies to House Subcommittee

Secretary James Kvaal and Federal Student Aid COO Richard Cordray represented the Department of Education (ED) during the second House Higher Education and Workforce Development Subcommittee hearing on Wednesday. The hearing covered the Biden administration's student...

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Three Ways to Improve College Retention Rates

64 percent of all students who entered a four-year Bachelor's degree program in 2014 graduated in six years. (Source: and While that's an improvement from twenty years ago, it's not a good sign we measure the success rate of a four-year...

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Cohort Default Rate Problems

A Major Problem for Students and Families In January 2022, the U.S. General Accountability Office wrote about significant problems that Federal Student Aid and Federal Servicers would face when repayment was set to resume in September 2022. GAO highlighted...

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Are Federal Loan Servicers Prepared for Repayment Resumption?

by Balaji "Raj" Rajan Does FSA need Federal Loan Servicers? The answer is a resounding YES! Federal loan servicers and Federal Student Aid (FSA) have a codependent relationship, but tracking their performance and connection has always been murky. After 12 years, we...

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Will Student Loan Defaults and Delinquencies Return?

Student loan borrowers have enjoyed a three-year reprieve from their student loan payments. Hopefully, many student loan borrowers are in a better place than they were before the pandemic began. Student loan repayment will resume later this summer. Even if the Biden...

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