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Grow Enrollments with Technology & Compliance

LinQ Enrollment Services by IonTuition offers institutions
of higher education a solution to grow enrollment through
software and services proven to increase admissions productivity
while complying with Federal and State regulations.

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Grow Enrollments with Technology & Compliance

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LinQ is the only enrollment management platform with a built-in compliance engine.

  • Increase Enrollments
  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance
  • Increase Admissions Productivity
  • Reduce Acquisition Costs

Transform Your Enrollment Strategy

With LinQ, you’ll learn…

  • which lead sources generate the most enrollments
  • which admissions agents deliver the best results
  • what times are the most efficient to convert leads

Improve Admissions Productivity by 600%

  • Over 9x as many calls per hour
  • 7-second inbound response time
  • 90-second outbound response time
  • up to 40% warm transfer rate

LinQ Guarantees a 3-Minute Response

Industry-standard response time is 5 minutes.*  LinQ beats it by 67 percent.

*According to XANT Research

Implement LinQ software for your admissions team or let IonTuition manage your leads with warm transfers.

Schools can use LinQ as stand-alone software, let IonTuition’s enrollment specialists manage inbound and outbound inquiries, or use a combination of both the software and service. No matter which LinQ model you choose, you can trust that you’ll remain compliant and grow your enrollment.

Leverage a Rule-Based Workflow Engine

  • Integrated with telephony & CRM
  • Call routing algorithms & best-time-to-call analytics
  • Real-time reporting dashboards

Control the Process and Information

  • Design your own workflows
  • Orchestrate call routing algorithms
  • 3 – 10 day implementation
  • Make changes daily on your own

Ensure Nationwide Regulatory Compliance

Compliance engine programmed into the platform

  • Speech Analytics for Compliance Scorecards
  • 100% call Recording & Online Monitoring
  • Automatic call disposition logs
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