Enrollment Management

Convert inquiries into enrollments with LinQ

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  • Allow your Admissions department to focus on enrollment
  • Increase productivity and eliminate burnout for your admission counselors
  • Compliance to TCPA and TSA
  • Call Recording & Analytics

Industry Leading Warm Transfer Rate

30% to 40% increase month-to-month

Real-Time Performance Dashboard

with APIs into your CRM

Available 7 Days a Week

with extended hours

Guaranteed Response Time

180 second inquiry-to-phone attempt guarantee

Customized Inquiry Nurturing

experienced call center team: phone, email, and text

Turn-Key Solution

easy implementation within 2 weeks

Technology to Help Your Admissions Team

  • Give your admissions department access to high-performance contact center technology
  • Improve admission staff productivity: 600% increase in average calls completed

Customized Compliance Engine

comply with TCPA, State/Federal Laws and the FL TCPA

100% Call Recording

with available call analytics

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

with APIs into your CRM

Case Study — increased average calls per hour by 800%

University A (20 Campus system)
  • Traditionally made 15K calls per month; was able to make an additional 9,000 calls with LinQ inquiry management without adding any staff
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