Unbeatable Technology with a Human Touch

Education Technology with a Human Touch

IonTuition Student Loan Repayment Technology
LinQ Enrollment Services

Enrollment Software & Service

  • Sub-180 second response times to new leads
  • up to 40 percent warm transfer to your Admissions Counselors
  • 7 second answer time
  • Full regulatory compliance
Cohort Repayment Management

Student Loan Repayment and Default Aversion

Our expert loan advisors focus on helping students fully understand the process, potential impacts, and their borrower rights and responsibilities.

We have a proven track record for reducing Cohort Default Rates and improving student satisfaction through online self-service repayment tools and live support from expert counselors.


Cohort Repayment Management

Self-Service Student Loan Management Portal

Save time connecting with servicers and save money on monthly payments by managing repayment plans and applying for income-driven repayment directly through the ION portal.


Cohort Repayment Management

Gainful Employment & Salary Data

Accurate employment and salary data help institutions meet gainful employment requirements.

GradSTAT provides accountability metrics that support your program integrity and school success.


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