Education Technology with a Human Touch

Education Technology with a Human Touch

Cohort Repayment Management

Self-Service Student Loan Repayment Management Portal 

Our expert loan advisors focus on helping students fully understand the process, potential impacts, and their borrower rights and responsibilities.

We have a proven track record for reducing Cohort Default Rates and improving student satisfaction through online self-service repayment tools and live support from expert counselors.


LinQ Enrollment Services

Enrollment Software & Service

  • Sub-180 second response times to new leads
  • up to 40 percent warm transfer to your Admissions Counselors
  • 7 second answer time
  • Full regulatory compliance
Cohort Repayment Management

Applications for Income-Driven Repayment

Save time connecting with servicers and save money on monthly payments by applying for an income-driven repayment plan directly through the ION portal.


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