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What does ION DO for you?

Strategically Grow
Enrollments & Re-enrollment

LinQ Enrollment Services

Avert Defaults & Improve Student Loan Repayment

LinQ Enrollment Services

Measure Graduate
Outcomes and Success

LinQ Enrollment Services

Employment Placement Platform

LinQ Enrollment Services

How does ION DO

it better than anyone?

Experience and Expertise in Higher Education
  • From leadership to associates, ION has the best mix of operations, technology, and policy
  • Over 100 colleges & 3.8 million students served in each practice area
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Is your technology about to be outdated?

Revolutionary Platforms

Adaptive technology meets new regulations for higher education

  • Powered by leading technology
  • Uncompromised security & compliance
  • Easily implemented for any institution
  • Fully customizable

Why ION is 
the Best for You

Customized Solutions

Engineered for You

  • Customized to meet your needs
Easy Implementation

Implementation Velocity

  • Implement within 1 to 3 weeks
Good Reputation

Perfect Track Record

  • All client goals met
  • 100+ million transactions; ZERO complaints

Industry-Best ROI

Increase productivity without adding staff
  • Reduce student acquisition costs
  • Reduce internal costs by 40 percent
  • Increase results by 30+ percent
  • Improve student outcomes
Make life easier for your team

The Best Student Loan Repayment Specialists

Outstanding Repayment Guidance

Set up the best possible repayment plan

Best Contact Rates

ION locates your borrowers quickly, especially post-COVID

Third-Party Supplemental Servicer

Avoid wait times with Federal servicers

Fantastic Customer Service

98% of ION users would recommend

60 Hours a Week

Specialists available

  • 7am to 8pm Mon – Thurs
  • 7am to 5pm Fri
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Unmatched Service & Experience

  • Average client relationship is over 5 years
  • Average ION leadership tenure is 10+ years
  • Industry-best customer satisfaction ranking

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