Gainful Employment & Salary Data

GradSTAT offers support gathering and reporting gainful employment data on your alumni.

Gainful Employment Regulations Have Changed

The U.S. Department of Education has released new regulations for gainful employment (GE) that differ from the 2014 rules. The new regulations require colleges to disclose annual and discretionary debt-to-earnings ratios, earnings premiums, and similar salary and debt information from graduates.

GradSTAT helps colleges manage all necessary GE data.

Employment & Accountability Framework Data Help Colleges…

  • Maintain Title IV eligibility
  • Create necessary disclosures to prospective students
  • Generate required Program and Student Reports for GE
  • Support research/program integrity
  • Promote school success

Clear Reporting on Employment & Accountability Metrics

How does GradSTAT work?

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Make decisions based on real-world outcomes, optimizing programs, career services, and more.
  • Enhanced Alumni Engagement: Stay connected with your graduates and offer valuable support throughout their careers, fostering a strong alumni network.

Why choose GradSTAT?

  • Complies with all relevant state, federal, and local regulations
  • Receive student-level data vs. aggregate data
  • Highest response rates in the industry
  • Combine with ION’s repayment management to help graduates manage their debt

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