Alumni Employment & Salary Data

GradSTAT offers accurate employment and salary data on your alumni.

Graduation Rates are No Longer Enough

Graduation alone does not guarantee a job or a sufficient salary to repay the investment in earning an advanced degree.

Employment and salary data present a better representation of alumni success than graduation rates alone.

Employment & Salary Data Help Colleges…

  • Maintain accreditation
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Support research/program integrity
  • Promote school success

Clear Reporting on Employment & Salary by Field of study

How does GradSTAT work?

  • Minimum of 3 phone outreach attempts per week
  • Email blasts pushing survey completion
  • Inbound/outbound contact center

Why choose GradSTAT?

  • Complies with all relevant state, federal, and local regulations
  • Receive student-level data vs. aggregate data
  • Highest response rates in the industry

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