Looking back on 2015, we’ve made numerous changes here at iontuition so that students, parents and employers can individually help themselves or those around them take charge of their future. One way we work to educate individuals is through our blog. We share current news, explain personal finance concepts and even real-life experiences from our college blogger.

As this successful year comes to an end, we decided to share our top 10 iontuition blog posts from 2015.

Top 10 iontuition blog posts of 2015:

10. Student Loans 101: The difference between a servicer and a lender

A common reason students find themselves in financial turmoil is because they lack the knowledge to successfully navigate repayment. Prevention starts with education. According to our recent survey, too many borrowers are ill-equipped to be successful borrowers. Nearly 50 percent of borrowers surveyed don’t know who their servicer is, so this post provides a clear explanation of the role of a servicer and how servicers differ from lenders.

9. Perkins Loan program expires – What you need to know

The Federal Perkins Loan student financial aid program ended on Wednesday, Sept. 30, when the U.S. Senate did not renew the program. If students received a Perkins loan for the 2015-16 academic year, they will continue to receive funds until they graduate. However, no new loans will be made to students who have not received Perkins loans previously. The loss of this funding is substantial for many college students.

8. Student Loans 101: The grace period is over

The grace period is a six-month time period where students aren’t required to make payments on their student loans. Before the grace period ends, students should be preparing for repayment. Some things they can do to prepare for repayment is to make a budget, look at their options, select a plan, and contact their servicer. Students can make the integration into repayment simple by reading this blog post.

7.  Advice from a college student: The importance of staying organized

Blogger Tara K. interviews a fellow college student on the importance of staying organized while in school. She puts a strong emphasis on how organization is the key to success in school and with future endeavors.

6. Tara’s on a Budget: Five frugal hacks for college students

Tara K. explores the expenses of college and how they can add up quickly. With the constant rise in student loan debt, it is crucial for students to be aware of their financial situation; failure to do so can lead to serious consequences. Tara K. points out how to easily save money by cutting back on common student expenses.

5. Employees want employers’ help to manage their college debt

In a July 2015 survey, iontuition asked 1,000 student loan borrowers if they would like to work for a company that offers student loan repayment assistance, including matching contributions and loan management tools. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed said yes, which could equate to 30 million Americans with student loan debt. Read this post to learn more about what employees want from their employers.

4. How to file a financial aid appeal

In many cases, students receive their financial aid award letter and are disappointed with the amount granted to them. They anticipated receiving much more and now they are left feeling stressed because they were relying on that financial aid to pay for their education. This infographic helps students see if they are eligible to appeal and how to do so if they are.

3. New survey shows students want employers to help manage student loans

On September 1, iontuition announced the results of a new survey that confirms many student loan borrowers in the U.S. would prefer to work for a company that offers student loan management help as part of their benefits package. Additional survey results in this blog post strengthen the argument that companies should give their employees benefits that help improve their financial situation.

2. Student loan knowledge lacking as borrowing increases

In October, iontuition released a survey which found that too many borrowers are ill-equipped when it comes to managing the numerous and unfamiliar repayment options for their student loans. In this infographic, it is apparent that borrowers need help managing, navigating, and understanding their student loans.

1. What you should know about student loans

The total amount of student loan debt in the U.S. is continuously rising. To avoid the burden of debt, students need to be educated on all aspects of financial literacy. This infographic provides statistics every borrower should be aware of.