Maybe it’s because we get to hang out with thousands of financial aid professionals or maybe it’s because we’re headed to Vegas, but there’s an energy buzzing around our office as we prepare for the annual FSA Training Conference. Amongst all the buzz, there’s one session that keeps coming up in conversation: Financial Literacy Matters.

Near the bottom of the session description, there’s a line that reads “We will share best practices, such as usage of peer financial education programs and how to use digital technology to make content more engaging for students.”

At iontuition, we’ve adopted that concept from day one. Our web-based platform helps students manage their loans in an interactive dashboard, allows them to set up payment reminders and has financial literacy modules to help them learn core concepts. Our platform is also available via mobile app so they can access this information on the go.

We can’t wait to see what other solutions are out there to help students improve their financial literacy! But while we’re on the topic now, here are a few blog posts we’ve written about the topic:

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See you Vegas!