August 1st– 7th is ‘Simply Your Life Week’, so for this week’s post I chose to take my own spin on this quirky holiday and write about how you can simply your life before heading back to college. Below are the tips I have found to be most helpful:

1. Get organized

Get organized’ is a pretty standard tip that I’m sure you hear a lot, but what does it really mean? This tip is one of the most valuable and can be applied to every aspect of your life. Here is what I do: First, I categorize my life in different sections, work, personal, and school. Then among those 3 sections, I divvy up tasks based on high and low priority. An example list would look like this:


When I complete a task I put a check mark next to it, and move to the next one. This process is so simple but it really works wonders. Being able to see what I’ve done, what I have to do, and what’s coming up in the future makes my life much easier.

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2. Create a schedule

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Creating a schedule is taking the ‘get organized’ tip one step further. Take whatever you divvyed up in lists and put your tasks into a schedule. Personally, I use Google Calendars because it allows me customize my calendar however I see fit. I set up alerts, so that when an event or deadline is getting near, I am notified two days in advanced. Even if you don’t abide by the schedule all the time, it is still a great habit that will serve you successfully though out your life.

3. Read as many books as you can

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Pick up a book or two from your local library before you get back to school and schedule (see tip #2) some time each day to read. This will sharpen your brain and get you back into the school mindset. Someone once said, if you want to be a better writer, read great writers. I believe in this statement. Writing is a great skill to have not only for school, but for every other component of your life.

4. Have a resume ready to go


Many of you may be looking for a job during the school year. To make your life easier, I would advise you to create and finalize a resume before going back to school. This way you have it ready to go whenever you may need it. If you haven’t created one, there are plenty of free resources and examples online.

There were a few times throughout the last few years where I needed a resume, but I didn’t have time to create one. Not being prepared actually prevented me from various opportunities; that is why creating it beforehand is the best route to take.

5. Learn to say ‘no’


Sometimes, I find it hard to say no to my friends. It usually goes like this: I will  have work early the next morning or school, and one of my friends will ask me to go out. Many times I have said yes, and then regretted it immensely the next day. I would find myself unfocused and tired.

Recently, I began saying no on the nights before I had school or work. As much as I wanted to go out, I knew that it would hinder me more than it would benefit me. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever engage in a little fun, I’m saying that you should prioritize.