Boost Your Resume SB2014

Recently, I read over an article that can be beneficial to those students who are not going somewhere for spring break. While your friends are away, make your spring break count in a different way; boost your resume! Get ahead of the game because summer is approaching, and that means tons of college students home scrambling for internships. The article I read is linked to this blog, it explains in depth each way you can boost your resume. Here are some of most important points from the article.

Become Tech Savvy: Most students today are pretty familiar with the computer, but as an incoming intern it is important to know how to use both Mac and PC. Over spring break experiment with both machines and learn how to do the basic functions on each.

Take a Crash Course in Social Media Marketing and Consumer Care Practices: This tip encourages students to learn how to build brands and awareness while keeping the company’s reputation looking good, and the customers happy. All this information is available online or even the local book store will have it.

-Learn to Disconnect: Most people today are attached to their phones but as an incoming intern, it’s important to learn how to put the phone down. A bad image is created if you are constantly checking your phone under the desk, so train yourself now. This spring break create ‘social media hours’ and train yourself to not be so attached to the phone!

-Learn How to Use WordPress: WordPress is a website that allows you to create your own blog and share it with others. If you don’t already know how to use it create a blog and mess around with the different mechanics of the site. Even if you don’t actively update the blog you created, save it as a sandbox and show it to your employers it will give you a competitive edge.

-Make Yourself a Local Business News Expert: This tip is pretty simple check out some CNN headlines, spend time reading local business papers and read up on a recent policy change that may affect business.

These are just a few simple and easy steps to get you ahead. While your friends are trying to make memories you’ll be putting yourself ahead and getting yourself one step closer to that perfect summer internship.

Tara K.