What does the American dream mean to you?

For decades the phrase ‘American dream’ has been alluded to by politicians, sung about in songs and celebrated the pursuit of it in books.  But there is no universal definition that can be tagged to the American dream; it can only be defined by an individual themselves. Which poses the question what does the American dream mean to you?

As a college student we have expectations thrust upon us, especially getting a degree. But to be successful you must have an understanding for what all the effort you put into college is for. That is where your own definition of the American dream comes into play. If you have a set dream and work towards attaining that dream you are creating your own success and justifying your hard work.

Every person has a different dream and some are harder to achieve than others, but regardless of the journey having a dream is important. You encourage and push yourself to work harder. This is proven through literature we all read back in high school. There are countless of novels that talk about the pursuit of the American dream throughout different periods of history. Back then it probably wasn’t relevant to us, but now those stories stand as truth and reassurance. They show us struggles of different individuals and prove that each dream is different. The stories we read can now comfort us with reassurance because we are able to see that we are not the only ones struggling to reach our goals.

Life happens and things change, just like the time period we are in now. Everything around us is constantly changing even peoples’ perception of the American dream. There are many articles that are available to read that talk about the depletion of the American dream, and that it is nonexistent. I do not believe in this statement, like how I said earlier each individual decides their own dream. And we call it the American dream, because America has so many opportunities to aid us especially now a days with technology everywhere. It is not depleting it only has changed.

So ask yourself what does the American dream mean to you? Once you have discovered that work towards it with every ounce of ambition and strength you have, because when you achieve it that will be the best feeling you’ve ever had. Use all the resources our country offers to aid and make yourself better. Most importantly never give up, exceed the expectations put on us as college students or any expectations at all. Let your dreams be your own inspiration.


Tara K.