Staying Healthy In College

For this week’s blog post, I am going to talk about ways to stay healthy and boost your immune system. Unless you attend a college in a warm climate, you are probably experiencing the weather change from winter to spring. Warm weather is great but those allergies and small colds that come with it are not so great. They cause you discomfort and even make you miss classes. So, now you are probably thinking how do I boost my immune system and stay healthy? Well I am here to tell you how and give you some tips on how to stay healthy as well.


Tip 1: By simply adding 5 cups of fruits and veggies to your diet each day you are boosting your immune system! This is an inexpensive way to help you stay healthy. When you’re shopping at your local supermarket look for fruit/vegetables with:

Vitamin A- helps white blood cells fight off infections and regulate the immune system

Vitamin C- helps improve absorption of iron and boosts immune system which prevents against disease.

Vitamin E- helps prevent the flu and even upper respiratory infections.

If you create a nice combination of fruits and veggies that are act with these vitamins you are bound to create a healthier you!


Tip 2: Once those allergies hit they seem impossible to mask, heavy cough runny nose… well what if you could stop those things with a simple remedy? Well luckily you can, Sage Extract works to help your body move mucus out. This clears your respiratory tract and calms that heavy painful cough. As a college student, buying this remedy is not only healthier for you it is also cheaper.


Those tips can help you jump start your immune system, and mask a painful system. Which is helpful, but the most important thing to do is to keep yourself on a balanced diet, work out regularly and make sure to sleep! Getting sick in college can be a real pain, and even put a damper on your hard work. Keep your body healthy and stay on top of your life!


Tara K.