1 out of 10 student loan borrowers are more than 90 days delinquent on their student loan payments or in default. College is an expensive investment. Many students struggle to find a job after graduation (or after leaving school before graduating), and those that do find jobs are beginning their professional lives with a negative economic balance as a result of their loan debt.

Student loans are not always taken as seriously as other bills. A person prioritizes rent or car payments because failure to pay those bills results in eviction or repossession. However, student loan payments shouldn’t be ignored. Failure to pay on your loans can negatively affect your credit score, can trigger penalty fees, and can offset your tax return. If you’re struggling to make your student loan payments, consider the following options:

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We’re here to help! IonTuition isn’t a loan servicer and we have no incentive to push borrowers into specific repayment plans such as refinancing. Our mission is to ease the student loan debt burden for our members. If you think your organization might benefit from our services, please request a demo to learn more.