On the most basic level, IonTution is offering a student loan repayment program to your employees. You will be able to contribute to paying down their student debt, providing a benefit that those in the current labor force are in dire need of. However, there are a myriad of benefits that IonTution offers to your employees beyond just loan repayment assistance.

Easy Repayment Planning Management

Odds are good that if your employee has one student loan they have more. It is rare for someone to graduate with just a single debt to their name. It is also common for students to switch schools, resulting in federal loans from multiple servicers in addition to private loans. Managing multiple payments can be overwhelming. Payment dates can vary, in addition to monitoring changing loan conditions. This can lead to missed payments, resulting in numerous fees.

IonTution organizes all loans into one platform. They can connect all of their student loan accounts into one easy-to-use dashboard. From there, they can explore repayment plan options that can consolidate their loans, save money on payments, or save money on interest.

Contribution Program

A growing recruitment and retention tool is employer-provided student loan contributions. IonTution includes a contribution program for your employees’ student loan repayment. Our student loan repayment program is simple to set up and easy for your employees to opt into.

This contribution program is an outstanding benefit to offer. Employees unable to save for retirement due to their student loan payments can still receive financial assistance.

Concierge Loan Advisors

Not only will our platform make it simple for your employees to manage their student loan debt, but it will also give them access to concierge loan advisors. Through our platform, they can easily connect to a live counselor via phone or chat. This qualified individual will be able to give them advice on the best way for them to repay their loans and connect them to their servicer through a priority phone line.

Not only does this improve your employees’ awareness of repayment options, but it also gives them peace of mind knowing that they are not facing this process alone. For many recent graduates, student loans are the cause of extreme stress. They may feel like they were thrown into the world with very little idea of how to pay off the massive amount of debt they incurred at a young age. Having a counselor on their side to reach out to for help can go a long way in lowering that anxiety.

Refinancing Options

Our platform will also help your employees with refinancing options. We aggregate the very best refinancing offers from trusted financial institutions. We pull all of this important data into our platform and make it simple to digest. This allows your employees to compare different options and search for the best rate possible for refinancing.

Refinancing can go a long way in helping your employees pay off their debt faster so they can start investing in their future. The best news is that this a benefit you can provide to your employees without the need for any extra contribution on your part. They can better manage their debt simply by having access to our useful platform.

College ROI

If you have employees who are interested in furthering their education or employees who have children who will soon be entering college, our college ROI tool can help them navigate the sea of options available. This tool will assess different colleges, the costs associated with attending them, and what the average return on investment will be for getting a degree from that specific school. This can go a long way in helping people choose education plans that will actually pay off. Rather than just blindly picking a school to attend, our tool will help employees make educated choices about obtaining a degree.

Family Benefit

Parents, spouses, or other trusted family members can also create an IonTuition account. Perhaps a parent was a cosigner on a loan and they want to ensure payments are being made on time. Maybe an aunt or uncle is contributing to the repayment of a loan. Whatever the case, our platform allows your employees to set up trusted family accounts. This makes the management of the debt simpler for everyone involved.

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