Final exam week is coming! Even the most prepared students get stressed out this time of year, especially if you’re studying for multiple exams. If this is you, the first thing you should do is prioritize study time for each of your finals. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to prioritize your exams, and we’ll even give you a handy dandy worksheet to use to make your life easier.

Step one

Make a list of each of your classes.

Final Exams Step 1

Step two

Determine your current grade in each of the classes.

FINAL - current grade

Step three

Look at each class’s syllabus to determine how the final exam will impact your final grade. Some professors don’t put a lot of emphasis on the final exam and some put a whole lot of emphasis on it.

FINAL - percent exam on final

Step four

Write down how confident you are about each final exam. Color or highlight the low-confidence classes red, the average-confidence classes in yellow, and the high-confidence classes green.

FINAL - confidence

Step five

Use the information you’ve gathered to fill out this pre-made worksheet for each of your classes. The worksheet will allow you to determine the best grade you could get with a perfect exam score and the worst grade you could get with a zero on the exam.

Tip: The worksheet is read only, but if you copy and paste it into your own sheet you will be able to edit it. Make sure to read instructions before you begin.

Use the color methodology from above to highlight scores in the worst case scenario column – the lowest scores are red, the middle are yellow and the highest are green.

Final exam chart (1)


Step Six

Look at the colored columns to prioritize your final exams. You can learn a lot. For example, even though you have low confidence in Biology, the worst grade you could possibly get is 73.3 out of 100, which is typically a C or C-. Even though you are very confident in Social Studies, if you failed the exam, you would fail the class. Use this information to come up with a priority list and then allocate your time appropriately.

If you have any questions about the worksheet, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter at @iontuition.

Good luck on your finals!

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