According to UCAS Media, “four-fifths (82%) of new university and college students own a smartphone”, making mobile app “push” notifications a great way to stay on top of your loans.  We want students to stay connected to their loan data in the easiest way possible. Your education should be your primary focus so use our “set it and forget it” loan alerts to monitor upcoming payments, disbursements, and more.

We understand that notifications are a matter of preference. Loanlook’s notification system lets you customize the type of notifications you receive and the way you receive them.

Consider opting-in to receive the following loan alerts:

Delinquency Notification       Loanlook Tips                         Loan Status Change

Entering Repayment             Monthly Statement                 New Grant Disbursed/ Added

Exiting Deferment                 Site Usage                                New Loan Disbursed Added

Exiting Forbearance             Loan Servicer Change

You can even set payment reminders for non-student loan bills by entering the recipient, payment amount, reminder date, and due date. Based on your preferences, notifications will arrive via email, text message, and/or the Loanlook mobile app for iOS or Android.

Our goal is to help you manage your loans and other finances in the easiest way possible so give our loan alerts a try.