start your student loan repayment on the right track

I’m just coming out of grace period for my school loans. My monthly payments are starting this month and I can’t figure out how to set up or go about paying them. Any help would be appreciated. 


Jane, it’s common for people just starting their student loan repayment to have questions or be confused by the process. 

IonTuition helps navigate the landscape of lenders, loan servicers, and repayment plans to make sure there is a clear, worry-free path to success. 

We can pre-qualify you for an income-driven repayment plan right on our site and an IonTuition counselor can get you set up with your servicer immediately. 

We’ll even make sure you sign up for automatic monthly payments to qualify for an interest rate reduction.






Don’t wait until you have a problem. If your company is providing IonTuition, you can speak with a counselor any time you have a question about your student loans. It’s what we’re here for!