Recruiting talented workers is a problem many companies face. The difficulty is finding a candidate the has all of the skills you’re looking for. Most job positions require a mixture of technical, personal, and practical skills that few people possess on the first day of the job.

It’s also difficult to identify the qualities many employers look for in an employee during the interview process. Characteristics such as passion, hard-worker, and dedication are truly only revealed after the person has been hired and working for some time.

For these reasons and more, many companies make a college education a prerequisite for skilled job positions. A college education isn’t always proof of ability, but it does reflect the ability to commit to a task and complete certain levels of hard work. Since a college education is very expensive, asking a worker to have a degree should accompany a compensation package consistent with the funds necessary to obtain a higher education.

the ideal job candidate

Job Candidates Seek Applicable Benefits

The best method for recruiting college-educated talent is to offer benefits related to their higher education. Student loan repayment is one of the most in-demand employee benefits sought from Millennials, who now make up the majority of the American workforce. College graduates worked hard and took out tens of thousands of dollars in student debt to help them land a good job. They’re seeking out companies that can help them repay their college debt and show that their college investment is appreciated.

Attracting young talent is the best way to help a company grow and develop. Employees that stay with their companies for many years are more likely to be promoted into management positions and commit to a career path that is mutually beneficial to both the worker and the company.

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