Sometimes even the most user-friendly tools can’t replace a human touch. If you have questions about your student loan, or you’re just more comfortable interacting with a person, consider using Loanlook’s Live Chat feature. Live Chat allows you to interact immediately with one of our expert loan counselors.

The visual format may also be more suited to your preferred learning style and chatting is certainly quicker than waiting for an email response. Surfing the web for answers can be tedious and even confusing at times. Loanlook’s Live Chat feature eliminates the legwork. Our counselors are prepared to answer questions you might have about your student loans.

In a recent Gallup poll, texting was found to be the most frequent form of communication for Americans under the age of 50, suggesting that similar forms of communication, like our Live Chat feature, are often preferred. Chatting is also a great alternative in situations where a call is not feasible due to background noise or privacy concerns.

At Loanlook, our goal is to eliminate any confusion you may have about your student loans. Regardless of what method of communication you choose, we encourage you to get in contact with one of our loan counselors whenever you have a question.

You can locate the Live Chat option by clicking on the “Need Help” button after logging into your Loanlook account.

-Tara K.