College Debt Raises Concerns When It Comes to Dating

 ROLLING MEADOWS, IL – August 2, 2016 –, the leading education-fintech company specializing in helping borrowers monitor and manage their student loans, today announced the results of a new survey concluding how student loan debt can significantly impact dating.

According to analysts, the average U.S. college student graduates with more than $37,000 in student loan debt. That level of debt has an impact on all aspects of life, from job-hunting to social interactions, particularly for recent college graduates. IonTuition conducted a survey of 1,000 American adults to explore how student loan debt is perceived in the dating world and what role it plays in relationships.

While it was unsurprising to learn that 75 percent of respondents view student loan debt as baggage, baggage comes in all shapes and sizes. For a significant percentage of respondents (12%), high levels of student loan debt are considered a bigger relationship consideration than being divorced, having a child from a previous relationship, or even having a record as a non-violent felon.

Although the majority of college graduates have student loan debt, nearly half of those surveyed considered the amount of student loan debt someone has an important factor when starting a relationship.

The survey also shows that:

    • More than 70 percent felt compelled to help pay off their significant others student loan debt.


    • Over a quarter said it is irresponsible to go into student loan debt for a profession with a low-paying salary.


  • Well over a third would date a wealthy benefactor if he or she would pay off their student loan debt.

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