The Loanlook team is pleased to announce that they will be rolling out the new EDLink utility in the very near future. EDLink allows a borrower to securely update the student loan information within their account.

By installing EDLink locally, users can auto-schedule periodic updates to their loan data, saving them time by eliminating the need to handle files while improving the timelinessof loan alerts.

While there are companies that offer seemingly-similar loan monitoring services, EDLink is the only option currently available that can automatically keep a borrower’s student loan profile refreshed without requiring the borrower to share their PIN. Sharing Federal PINs is a fraud risk and against both the Electronic Signature Act and the borrower’s best interests.

Helping students help themselves in a safe and secure manner is a part of Loanlook’s mission and something we take seriously.

EDLink stores all of your identification information locally on your computer. You see it, Loanlook doesn’t.