the country’s first online student loan repayment management platform focused on employers and schools has merged with i3 Group, LLC the premier choice since 2009 for colleges and universities to help their students better manage and optimize repayment management of Federal student loans.

IonTuition, founded in 2011 was the first company to aggregate Federal and private student loans in one website and connect students directly to expert student loan counselors of the i3 Group. Over the years, IonTuition established itself as a preferred vendor for colleges, and employers from small to Fortune 100 employers who offered the IonTuition benefit for not just their employees with student debt, but also their family members. About 20 percent of all IonTuition employers even help their employees pay down their student loans, tax-free. In 2019, IonTuition added Income Share Agreement servicing to its arsenal of services with several lending and school partners. In 2021, IonTuition added enrollment management services for college admissions departments.

i3 Group, founded in 2009, is the premier service provider to students at over 1,200 campuses across the US. i3 Group has helped over 3 million students, from community colleges to public universities, manage repayment of their Federal and private student loans. i3 Group excels in helping non-traditional students,  first-generation students, adult learners, and students from low-income households whose completion rates are low and whose delinquency and default rates are high. The company’s results are the best in the country among similar firms. Throughout the pandemic, i3 helped all its clientele understand the pause of student loans and guided thousands of students enter into Income-Driven Repayment.

“The merger of these companies has been long overdue,” says Brent Givens, General Manager of the new enterprise. “The stress related to student debt, confusion in the repayment plans, and the chaos we anticipate in loan servicing are creating a perfect storm in the market that will hurt students, employees and their families dramatically. We see how the journey from college to employment are intertwined and now offer a concierge services platform for all our users from college to employment and beyond. Our ISA offerings and other innovations create a continuity for our users and clients that will be unparalleled in the education finance sector.”

IonTuition’s platform is powerful. It spans the college experience, from the time students choose their college, finance it with loans or ISAs, get a job, and plan their repayment. IonTuition provides a fantastic concierge service ensuring tuition wellness. The company expects to offer an extensive partner network to help schools and employers with several other services delivered through this platform.

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