IonTuition’s service provides student loan repayment assistance with counseling and tools as a benefit for employees with student debt.

In a recent survey of managers, IonTuition found nearly all saw value in offering their employees benefits such as student loan repayment assistance. In fact, 70 percent of respondents believe that offering such a program would improve morale and retention, while more than 90 percent of respondents believed that this benefit would decrease stress among their workforce.

IonTuition offers employers the option to provide employees with convenient, automated student loan payments made via payroll deductions, a feature that all respondents agree employees would appreciate. This ensures reliable, on-time, stress-free monthly student loan payments. Additionally, IonTuition offers a payment contribution system similar to 401(k) contribution programs, which gives employers the ability to accelerate their employees’ student loan repayment through monetary contributions.

The IonTuition solution provides the tools employees need to manage, pay, and plan around their student loans through a single comprehensive, user-friendly portal.

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