When the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) released Recommendations for Best Practices in Financial Literacy, their recommendations identified multiple ways that postsecondary schools can provide students with resources to lead financially responsible lives. iontuition™ shares  the APSCU commitment to teach students financial competency by providing accurate information, financial management tools, and real-world practices to develop and promote basic financially-responsible behaviors. Many of the recommendations from APSCU are already being met with the iontuition platform and its educational products and services.

iontuition is an interactive platform that adeptly guides college students (current and former) through the education finance process, with user-friendly tools that integrate student data to match the goals and life circumstances of each and every user. The developers of iontuition understand that no one is born financially literate, and that the road to financial literacy can be marked with frustration. In response to these challenges, iontuition was developed to benefit parents, incoming students and students transitioning between schools, or into the workplace.

The resource modules in the iontuition platform meet many of the APSCU Best Practice recommendations, summarized here:

Learning elements such as setting up and following a budget, choosing a bank, avoiding hidden fees, customized savings plans, and more are all part of ionLearn. In Entrance Loan Counseling students are engaged through animated explainer videos with helpful text, graphics, and interactive questions. The result is a memorable user experience that clearly explains loan types, how to read the status of a loan, and repayment options and obligations. Students learn, review, and test their knowledge before moving ahead.

The ionManage module provides student borrowers with tools and information that also meet APSCU recommendations. Financial literacy is reinforced in clear language with the interactive college cost calculator, and additional student budgeting and management tools. In the marketplace, iontuition distinguishes itself as the only student loan management suite that offers expert loan counselors who are available through phone and web options. These friendly, knowledgeable counselors will explain grace periods, repayment options, and offer solutions when a borrower has difficulty making timely payments.

The iontution leadership and support teams partner with colleges and universities to develop and promote financial literacy. Today borrowers from more than 2100 postsecondary schools take advantage of, and benefit from iontuition. For more information, please visit iontuition partnership inquiries or call us at 888-853-8323.