What is IonTuition?

IonTuition is an online student loan management platform that helps you make, and act on, smart borrowing and repayment choices. As an IonTuition user, you get access to one or more of our modules:

  • IonManage: Student loan management, expert counselor support, repayment calculators, and payment plan pre-qualification
  • IonPay: Student loan repayment assistance via employer contributions and voluntary payroll deduction
  • IonMatch: College selection based on program offerings, admittance requirements, and expected graduate ROI
  • IonLearn: Financial literacy resources for budgeting, saving, debt management, loan consolidation, loan forgiveness, loan postponement, defaulted loans, and refinancing
  • IonPerks: Exclusive deals at retailers and services both locally and across the U.S.

Who partners with IonTuition?

We work with businesses and institutions throughout the U.S. to provide our tools to their employees, students, and members.

Why should I use IonTuition?

IonTuition helps you find ways to save money on monthly payments, pay down your student loans faster, and make the most of your investment in education. Having on-demand access to a team of student loan experts is incredibly helpful when you have questions about your student loan options.

How do I set up an IonTuition account?

Click Create Account to get start using IonTuition provided by your employer, school, or membership organization, We will match you with your organization during the account creation process. It only takes a minute!

Can family members use IonTuition?

Yes! Users can bring their entire families onto our platform.

IonTuition offers Family Access: a feature that provides invited family members their own IonTuition accounts free of charge. It’s as simple as entering the email address for the individuals you want to invite. Family members can then create their account, use the same tools as the primary user, and immediately start making the most of the platform!

Primary users can choose whether or not to share their loan information with the family members they invite and have the option to revoke invitee access at any time.

How can I get my organization to partner with IonTuition?

IonTuition partners with employers, schools, brokers, and membership organizations.

  • Employers use IonTuition as a tool to attract and retain talent by offering student loan repayment assistance. Click here if you’re an employer interested in partnering with IonTuition.
  • Schools use IonTuition to help students manage their student loan repayments to reduce delinquency and default. Click here if your school is interested in partnering with IonTuition.
  • Brokers partner with IonTuition to offer innovative, in-demand financial wellness and student loan contribution benefits to their clients.
  • Other organizations use IonTuition to offer their members robust student loan management benefits. Click here to partner with IonTuition.

Does IonTuition work on mobile devices?

Yes! You can log in to our responsive site from any mobile device with an active internet connection and web browser. We also provide native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Is my personal information secure on IonTuition?

Yes, we use bank-level security and industry-leading data protection practices to ensure the security of our users’ personal information.
To learn more, check out our privacy & security.

What if I forgot my password?

Visit the Forgot Password page to reset your password.

When are counselors available?

Counselors are available through phone and chat Mon – Thurs: 8am – 8pm and Fri: 8am – 5pm (times are CST)

Visit the Forgot Password page to reset your password.

Can I make student loan payments on IonTuition?

Yes, if your employer has opted to provide contributions and/or voluntary payroll deductions through IonPay! Log in to learn more.

Can I consolidate my student loans on IonTuition?

Student loan consolidation must be done through your federal servicer, but we can help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you. Log in and try out our repayment calculators to see what options you have available.

Can I take out new student loans through IonTuition?

IonTuition is not a lender. We help you manage your existing federal and private student loans.