The Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, which is affiliated with The George Washington School of Business, recently featured a new report, The Economic Importance of Financial Literacy. Based on research conducted from 13 countries which measured people’s knowledge on financial literacy, millennials were the least knowledgeable with only 28% answering all three questions correctly. A lack of financial literacy is a growing concern especially with Americans currently holding over a trillion dollars of student loan debt.

With the help of our Learning Center, users learn how to make educated decisions regarding their student loans and other financial obligations.

The Learning Center offers critical repayment information and global financial literacy through a variety of content modules. Concise videos cover loan specifics but also offer guidance on topics such as credit card usage, ID theft protection, banking, saving, and credit score calculations. The “Tips & Traps” section provides best practices for borrowers based on whether they are a current student, entering repayment, or have defaulted on their loans. Additionally, FAQ and Glossary sections provide a quick reference for students looking to quickly learn about loan terms and terminology.

Check out the many resources located in our Learning Center. Being financially literate will not only help you take control of your student loans, but also prepares you to manage future obligations such as your mortgage, retirement savings, and other investments.