General Questions

What is ION?

IonTuition (ION) is a revolutionary EdTech company providing live concierge-style student loan counselors to help borrowers navigate the complicated path of student loan repayment.

We’ve been in the space since 2012 and operate as a third-party student loan servicer, as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.

Who partners with ION?

We work with institutions of higher education and employers throughout the U.S.

Why choose ION?

ION offers the most effective strategy, software, tools, and support to help borrowers navigate student loan repayment.

Student loans are a financial stressor impacting over 40 million Americans. 

Since 2012, ION has helped over 3 million student loan borrowers avert or recover from default and find sustainable repayment. 

Colleges and universities choose ION because we help them grow enrollments through our LinQ solution and help their students repay their student loan debt. 

Employers choose us because we offer a voluntary benefit that helps households manage their financial stress, resulting in better recruitment, productivity, and retention.

User Questions

How do I set up an IonTuition account?

Just visit our User Registration page and sign up using your school or employer information.

Can I take out new student loans through IonTuition?

IonTuition is not a lender. We help you manage your existing federal and private student loans through our student loan repayment benefit programs.

What student loans can be managed on IonTuition?

Any US-originated student loans can be loaded into IonTuition automatically, including Federal and private undergraduate and graduate loans. Other loans may be loaded manually.

What if I don't have loans, but my family members do?

You can invite family members to create their own accounts using the Family Benefit feature on IonManage. You’ll need to create your account first.

Your family members will have the option of sharing their loan information with you.