Music is universal; it has no boundaries on culture, gender, and race. No matter who you are, listening to music can trigger a sense of appreciation.

Have you ever listened to a song and felt that it created this profoundly satisfying sense of emotion? That is because when you listen to music the feel-good chemical, dopamine is released.

And who doesn’t want to feel good? I am going to talk about one of the biggest music streaming apps, Spotify. Upfront: I was very hesitant to download this service and stream my music through an app. I had some serious concerns in my head (what if I don’t have Wifi? How much data will this use? Is it worth paying for?)

Recently, I conformed. I downloaded Spotify and was instantly intrigued. Among the vast array of music, there was so much for me to explore. I loved how I could find a playlist that was tailored to whatever mood I felt. The elements of self-expression and sharing is something I really like about the app too; the playlists that you create can be followed by your friends and vise versa. Below is a classical playlist I listen to when I study.

But my absolute favorite part of the app is that you can listen to your music offline ─ meaning that you don’t have to waste your data, and if you are in an area without Wifi or mobile service you can still listen to your music!

I really do feel passionately about this app and I am confident when I say that  it is worth the money. One of the many perks of being a student is discounts, and Spotify offers their premium service to students for $4.99 a month. So instead of having that posh cup of coffee, you can have access to a virtual, seemingly endless, library of music.

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