I want to reflect on the question I pose in the title, and ask you: when it comes to campus safety, are you making risky decisions?


As some of you might know from my previous blog posts, September is National Campus Safety Month. Although campus safety should be practiced year round, now is a good time to reflect on your daily life. Are there things that you are doing that could potentially lead you into harm’s way?

Before I get into that, I want to tell you a story: Back during my sophomore year in high school, my best friend and I would always get in trouble (nothing serious of course just disobeying curfew or ignoring rules). My best friend’s mom is basically my second mom, so whenever she got in trouble, I did as well. Each time, her mom would sit us down and tell us that life was about choices, and in some cases, the choices we make can affect our lives forever.

In the moment, I just thought it was another lecture and spent almost no time thinking about it. Little did I know, that statement would stick with me always. You might be wondering why I decided to tell you a story from high school, and the reason I did was because the concept of how we make choices can be used in any situation, especially college safety. The significance of the our choices grow as we grow in age. Most college students are considered adults, meaning that those choices have more significance and can have a greater impact on our lives.

Below are 2 scenarios, one negative and one positive

2 scenarios about campus safety

We all have the power of choice, and the ability to chose what is good and what is bad. We can choose to take extra precautions, or to take a risk. When it comes to college safety, you have to look at your choices and ask yourself how a choice can impact your future.

There are many additional precautions college students can take when trying to stay safe on campus. In an previous blog post, I found the best apps that are aimed at your safety. I also made sure to talk about best safety practices when you don’t have access to technology. Thinking about your future isn’t just about your degree, your dream job, or the amount of money you want to make, it is also about how you will get to there.

Choosing to stay safe on campus is ultimately up to you. You can question whether or not something may lead to a positive or negative outcome. The overall goal of this blog post is to empower you, to show you that your choice is important, and that you are in control of what you do.

Life is about choices and sometimes they define us. Make sure you are making the best choices when it comes to your safety.

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