According to a Pew Research Center analysis, more than 35 percent of the American labor force participants are Millennial talent. This percentage makes Millennials the largest generation in the workforce currently. With so many Millennials as potential employees, it is vital for your company to know how to not only attract this sector of the labor force but to also keep these employees happy. Like it or not, Millennials are the future and you’ll need some on your staff to remain relevant to other businesses or consumers.

The good news is that many of the things Millennials are looking for are actually very low cost to you. With the right culture in place and support for this sector of your labor force, you can become a company that is esteemed by Millennials. Check out the following ways you can attract the top talent from this generation.

Attract Millennial Talent

When a generation takes up over 35 percent of the workforce, you know that a lot of your best talent is going to be swimming in this pool. In order to run your business well, you need to attract these employees to your company. Check out the following ways you can offer an attractive working environment for potential employees so that you can hire from the very best selection possible.

Craft A Clear And Unique Job Description

First, in order to attract the talent you want for a specific job, you need to carefully craft a clear description of the job. It is very difficult for someone to apply to a job that has a vague or cookie cutter description. Not only will this make it harder for a potential employee to ascertain what the job position will even be like, but it also fails to demonstrate your company’s voice and culture.

If you have been recycling a copied job description for years, throw that copy out and start over. Work with other staff members to put together an accurate and clear description that also lets your business’ voice shine through. For example, maybe your team is comprised of outgoing, friendly folks who are passionate about the outdoors. When you use a standard job description, you might not communicate any of the best parts about the people behind the company. When you design a unique job description, you can add in facts about the team the person would be joining and you can write the copy in a way that demonstrates the kind of environment they will be entering. Be sure that you also include the nitty-gritty details, such as what they will be doing daily at the job, but allow your company’s voice to shine through.

Be Upfront About Benefits

Potential employees will want to know right away what kind of benefits they will be receiving at your company. Make sure that you list the benefits you offer in your job ad. Keep things up to date and completely accurate. Never overpromise the benefits you will offer for the position, as this can lead to bitterness down the road.

Get creative when you list out your company’s benefits. While you want to include the basics, such as what kind of paid time off they will receive, what health benefits you offer, and other normal perks, be sure you also include extras. Does your office have a great rooftop where lunches can be enjoyed? Do you offer a student loan assistance program? Add in some of these extra details to help your company stand out from the normal crowd.

Communicate Clearly Throughout The Application Process

Nothing is worse than taking the time to fill out a lengthy application, only to be left wondering if it was even received. Job hunting can be a stressful experience. Make sure that you help out those who are applying by communicating clearly and promptly throughout the application process. Send notifications when applications are received and always follow-up with applicants regardless of the outcome. If someone isn’t a good fit, send them a prompt response so they aren’t left wondering for weeks on end if they will get a call from you.

One of the reasons you should always communicate clearly and quickly throughout the application process is because, while someone might not be a good fit for one position at your company, they might be a great fit down the road for something else. Don’t leave them with a bad taste in their mouth because you neglected to communicate clearly with them. Be a company esteemed for their fair treatment of applicants.

Offer A Fair And Competitive Wage

Finally, no matter how many ping pong tables you cram into your office or how many kegs of beer you have in the breakroom, nothing will compensate for a lack of fair pay. Consider where your employees will be living and what the costs are in your local area. Since most Millennials are not homeowners, the cost of rent in the city your office is located in will play a huge role in how much your employees spend on monthly bills. If you are operating in a city that has a high cost of rent, you will need to factor this into salaries. While paying a competitive wage might be a financial burden upfront to your company, long-term, you will reap the benefits of the top talent in the workforce.

Adapt Your Benefits to Meet Your Workers’ Needs

It is also worth noting that when you are hiring from the Millennial pool, you are probably hiring people with large amounts of student loan debt. This burden can be difficult to balance, which is why many companies are now offering student loan assistance as a voluntary benefit. This can be a creative way to attract better talent without increasing salaries. If you are interested in learning more about how you can use this benefit to attract the top talent to your company, reach out to IonTuition today. We can work with you to help your Millennial employees handle their student loans with less stress. From offering assistance on payments to providing information about refinancing, working with IonTuition can help you secure the best talent from this growing sector of the workforce.