Sophomore Year College Tips

As I was looking for new blog post topics I read over a dissertation called ’27 college Tips I learned Sophomore Year’. The title appealed to me because normally college tip pages tend to be aimed towards freshman. I found the tips not only relatable but interesting at the same time because it gives the reader a different perspective on someone who has completed their first year of college. Tips are important for college students because it allows you to think differently and not make the same mistakes someone else did.  I am going to give a few of the tips that I strongly agreed with and a few that I don’t think college students should follow!

Tip #1: “Don’t do all your reading assignments”- I would never recommend this tip to any college student. Reading not only teaches you the material you need to learn but benefits you as a student. In the dissertation it talks about reading being time consuming and not always important. That statement is partially true-reading is time consuming but it is worth spending your time on because it really does expand your knowledge. So next time you are assigned to read, do it!

Tip #3: “Check your email”- This tip, to me, is the most important. Teachers are constantly emailing you homework, class information, and class cancelations. When I started college the first semester of freshman year I did not check my email on a frequent basis, and there were countless amounts of times where I had shown up for class and no one was there; later I figured out that the teacher had sent an email that I did not see. Get in the habit of checking your email; it helps prepare you for each class!

Tip #10: “Once you’re done with English classes, not every grammar rule is worth following”- Sorry for those of you who hate English, but I 100% disagree with this tip. In English class it did seem pretty tedious learning about commas, semicolons, and contractions but I promise you that everything you learned will apply to your life in the long run. Having adequate grammar skills shows intelligence and experience. Teachers will appreciate a student who uses commas correctly and uses you’re properly-believe me!

Tip #14: “Be aware of the perks that may be available to you”- Most students aren’t aware of the perks different places offer for just being in college. I was not even aware of all the discounts that are available to us.  There are different websites that show all different places that offer discounts for just showing your student ID.  This tip helps you save money and even get some free things!

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Tara K.