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“I have multiple PLUS loans for both my children and they are held by Direct Loans (ACS). They are all in repayment and I am current.

Yesterday, I logged in to to make a payment and found that on Jan 7, 2013, these loans were “Paid in Full.”
Knowing I did not pay them off, I decided to look for the loan detail on the site. Nothing else except a Paid in Full and I could not make my scheduled payment.

I went to NSLDS and the loans were NOT Paid in Full. Finally the Loan Detail page gave me information, right at the bottom that my loans had been transferred from ACS to Great Lakes, one of the government’s 17 Federal loan Servicers.

I have not yet received anything from Great Lakes or Direct Loans as of today. They have not informed me about where to make payments; to whom; and when. NOTHING!

On Monday, updated my loans automatically – and sent me an email that my Servicer has changed. The site does work.
I am a student loan expert. Or so I thought. Not sure how those without my understanding even begin dealing with this.”

CEO, Loanlook Inc.