Student Onboarding

Use the digital and print materials below to promote IonTuition to students



HD Monitor Display

Display this image on your HD monitors or hallway displays

HD Monitor Animated Display

Display this GIF on your HD monitors or hallway displays

Plan Your Repayment Flyer

A short flyer with the three first steps
borrowers should take to prepare for repayment

Too many words? Download a shortened version.

ION Portal Overview

StudentLoanRepaymentPortal Overview Preview

A brief overview on what students
can do on the ION portal

Presto Print Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to use Presto to
apply for an income-driven repayment plan

Presto Video

A video explaning how to use Presto to
apply for an income-driven repayment plan

Registration Email

Email to send to students announcing
partnership with ION


Easily printed on a letter-sized paper,
this document gets the job done fast.


It’s a half sheet of paper,
with a whole lot of information.


Poster to display around campus to
increase awareness of IonTuition.


A flyer that you can be sent digitally or printed.

FAQ Tri-Folds

A short brochure covering frequently asked
questions from borrowers

Generic Ad

A generic print-ready or digital ad to promote ION

Table Tents

Display on tables around campus to encourage
mobile registrations


IonTuition Logos to include on your website,
social media posts, or other messaging

Want something that isn’t included with the kit? Reach out to your account executive for custom collateral, emails, social media content, and other media to best communicate IonTuition’s value to your students.