Make good on your family’s college investment.

IonMatch – compare the return on investment for all colleges:

  • compare the tuition at all schools
  • out-of-pocket expenses
  • expected student loan
  • predicted salary after graduation

Find the best college for the best price

A college education is one of the largest investments of time and money a family will make. IonMatch helps families find the most affordable colleges that graduate the highest income earners by leveraging the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and economic mobility rankings.

IonMatch compiles data from multiple sources to bring you a powerful tool for selecting the right university to continue your studies.

We simplify the process of selecting a college by incorporating admission data to let you know which schools best match your profile. You can then compare these schools across a variety of criteria, including graduation rate and average cost per student. Making an informed decision is one of the best things you can do when investing in your education.

Comparing potential salaries for different majors across your selected colleges helps guide you to the best potential return on your education investment. Our data allows you to get the clearest picture of your future and make the most informed decision possible.

IonMatch displays the schools you are most likely to get into based on your selected criteria and standardized test scores. This allows you to get a quick and easy picture of your potential college choices.
Compare colleges based on the criteria that matters most. View a side-by-side comparison of schools based on their graduation rates, student-to-faculty ratios, cost of attendance, and more.
“How much will I make?” The question on everybody’s mind can finally be answered. IonMatch’s salary data will show you exactly what real graduates at real schools really earn.