How many of your employees are struggling with their student loans?

IonCure  helps employees resolve their negative loan status.


Help employees resolve their negative loan status.
Employees request advisors reach out to connect them with their loan servicer or collection agency to initiate resolution.

  • advisors manage all paperwork and handle the entire resolution process
  • 3-way calling with servicer or collection agency throughout resolution
  • expedites default resolution process and ensures new repayment plan is sustainable

IonTuition values privacy and provides a safe, confidential experience to manage the financial wellness of its users. We do not share users’ personal or loan information with their employer or other third parties without their consent. Communications between the user, IonTuition, and third parties (e.g. debt collection agency, loan servicer, etc.) are kept confidential or anonymized where sharing is needed to provide requested or necessary services. For more information, view our Privacy Policy here:

45 million

Americans have
student loan debt

~2 million

Americans are

10 million

Americans are
in Default

It is a problem.
But it can be cured.

Why Employers Should Help

Refinancing and employer contributions do not help employees who have defaulted on their loans. A truly comprehensive financial wellness program should address employees in all stages of repayment.

Employees struggling with debt are:


Not as productive

Financial stress is a productivity killer. The average employee spends 4-5 hours a week worrying about and managing their finances. This costs U.S. employers millions annually in absenteeism and presenteeism.

Not engaging other benefits

56% of workers aged 18 to 29 report underfunding their retirement due to student loans. And if they aren’t able to save for retirement, they are likely under-engaging across all benefits offered.

More likely to look for a new position

Employees with student debt consider student loan assistance a top influencer in deciding whether to accept a position at a different company.

How it works

Measure and improve the financial health of your workforce.
IonCure is a turn-key solution. After your workforce financial health analysis, employees engage our concierge service through survey, appointment, or on-demand via our toll-free number or web portal.   

IonCure can be offered on an entirely voluntary basis, with or without accompanying workforce analysis, or you can choose to subsidize the offering for your employees.



Give employees the option to have a concierge advisor proactively reach out.


Explain options to employees to help them recover.


The concierge advisor handles all steps in the default resolution process.