Income Share Agreements

Servicing of ISAs and career preparation

IonTuition services Income Share Agreements through our online platform. Students can manage their ISA and leverage career preparation tools.

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What is an Income Share Agreement?

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are an alternative to student loans. In an ISA, you pay based on what you can afford – which is a fixed percentage of your income after graduation.

Through the IonTuition platform, you can manage your ISA and your student loan repayment with access to  expert counselors via phone or webchat.

Why do institutions offer ISAs?


Expand enrollments


Fill funding gaps


Invest in your students by making their education more results based


Make school more affordable


Strengthen graduation rates


Provide funding to Dreamers (DACA), adults, and online learners

Want to offer an ISA at your institution?

IonTuition delivers full-service ISA platform for your students complete with origination and servicing.

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Career Preparation and Mentors

Our platform includes access to top professionals in your field to act as mentors in your career search. You’ll connect with industry leaders for your major to help you break into the job market. 

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