Income Share Agreements

Full Lifecycle Servicing for ISA — add income share agreements as a financial aid option for your institution.

Default Management Services

The i3 Group has extensive experience as a third-party student loan servicer and provides default prevention to colleges and universities.

Employer Student Loan Benefits

Online student loan repayment management tools to help employees pay down student loan debt.

GradSTAT - Graduate Employment Data

GradSTAT (powered by the i3 Group) provides employment data on your graduates to prove your institution’s worth and to satisfy accreditation requirements. 

IonCure - Default Prevention & Recovery

No other company can offer the same level of service to help borrowers recover from and prevent from student loan default.

IonMatch - ROI-Based College Research

Think college pays off? Use the IonMatch ROI-based college research tool to show real-world salary data and expected student loan debt.

Education Fintech Services

Income Share Agreements

  • Full service – from origination to satisfaction
  • Online account management & payment center

Default Management

Powered by the i3 Group

  • Lower Cohort Default Rates
  • Proactive counseling
  • Online repayment management

Employer Student Loan Benefits


  • Contributions
  • Counseling
  • Financial wellness



  • Employment data
  • Graduate tracking
  • 50% response rate


  • Recover from student loan default
  • Concierge advisory services
  • Online repayment management



  • ROI-Based College Research
  • Student debt estimator
  • Real-world salary data

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