Inquiry Management Services.

Convert inquiries into enrollments

You only have a couple of minutes to reach a prospective student who hits your website and requests more information before they move on with their search to other schools. Converting those inquiries is necessary to increase your enrollments!

As a long-standing call center and student servicer for institutions of higher education, there’s no company better equipped to help schools turn prospects into enrolled students.

IonTuition’s CoverTel provides options for schools’ admissions departments with or without their own call center capabilities. You can leverage IonTuition’s call center to handle inquiries, you can use our technology to track and nurture interested students, or implement both to ensure TCPA compliance.

CoverTel Inquiry Management
Industry Leading Warm Transfer Rate

30% to 40% increase month-to-month

Real-time Performance Dashboard

With APIs into your CRM

Available 7 Days A Week

With extended hours

Guaranteed Response Time

180 second inquiry-to-phone attempt guarantee

Customized Inquiry Nurturing

Experienced call center team: phone, email, and text

Turn-Key Solution

Easy implementation within 2 weeks

  • Allow your Admissions Counselors to focus on enrollment
  • Compliance to TCPA and TSA
  • Increase productivity and eliminate burnout for your admission counselors
  • Call recording & analytics
CoverTel Inquiry Management
Customized Compliance Engine

Comply with TCPA, State/Federal Laws, and the FL TCPA

100% Call Recording

With available call analytics

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

With APIs into your CRM

Case Study –University A (20 campus system)
  • Traditionally made 15K calls per month; was able to make an additional 9,000 calls with CoverTelCommunication Solution without adding any staff
  • Increased average calls per hour by 800% 
  • Give your admissions department access to high-performance contact center technology
  • Improve admission staff productivity; 600% increase in average calls completed
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